10 Things You Need To Know About The Amazing Jojoba Oil

by The Artistry | May 10, 2019

Jojoba oil is an oil derived from the nuts of Jojoba plant, a perennial plant that grows in harsh, desert climates. Jojoba oil closely mimics the natural oils our bodies produce. Here are 10 of the amazing benefits and uses.

1. Clean the scalp

Use your fingertips to massage your scalp with jojoba oil. It soothes the scaly and flaky scalp and promotes hair growth.Tips: Do it at night time or on a day when you plan to stay at home to avoid looking greasy.


2. Make hair shine

Add a few drops of jojoba oil to your palm or to your brush to add shine to your hair and prevent split-ends.


3. Tame frizzy hair

Helps to detangle hair, works particularly well on curly or textured hair.


4. Cuticle Oil

Add a small drop on every nail, rub onto the cuticle and nail to promote healthy strong nails.


5. Fight fine lines

As a last step of beauty regime, add a drop of jojoba oil on your palm, gentle pad your palms on forehead and the temple area.


6. Reduces the appearance of pores

As a last step of beauty regime, add a drop of jojoba oil on your palm, gentle pad your palms on the face to lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of pores.


7. Use as a lip moisturizer

Apply 2 drops of jojoba oil onto the lips before sleep or when your lips feel dry.

8. Remove makeup

Use as makeup remover and moisturize skin at the same time. Wipe face with cotton pads soaked in jojoba oil.


9. Soothe acne spots

It's anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties sooth the flare up and allow acne to clear up quickly. It also helps to reduce redness and swelling. 


10. Apply to hair before swimming

To prevent harmful chemicals stripping your hair color and drying your locks. Wet your palms with jojoba oil and rub hairlines all around prior to putting on your swim cap.


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